Social engineering and phishing – how to protect from it?

More often than not, information security training can be hard and overly complicated. This is not that type of training. We don’t bother participants with various types of encryption algorithms or other technical concepts. Instead, we teach them why information security is important, how their own work activities affect information security in their organizations, what is social engineering, how to identify and defend against phishing, and why accepting financial proposals from Nigerian prices is not at all a good idea.

This course is aimed towards all types of companies and their employees, especially to those for whom information technology, security, and hard-to-understand technical concepts are not part of their everyday work. The topics are presented through tangible, realistic examples, while the unavoidable theory is presented in an easy-to-understand manner. The participants will be able to apply acquired knowledge in their work immediatelly after the course.

The goal of this course is to teach participants to recognize various cyber threats that lurk while they undergo their daily tasks, protect themselves against them, and to raise the level of awareness about the topic of information security in the organization as a whole.

Course topics

  • Understanding the threat – what is a threat to information security?
  • Social engineering, phishing, and attack types
  • Risks and damages resulting from successful phishing campaigns
  • The “human factor” in the context of information security
  • Identifying attack attempts and escalation procedure
  • Recommendations and guidelines for protection
  • Conclusion and Q&A


Ivan Horvat


3 hours

Delivery formats

Online or in-house (per request)



80 €


72 €


Two or more participants from the same company.
64 €

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