Personal Data Breach Management

In 2019, only 73 cases of personal data breaches were reported to the supervisory authority in Croatia (AZOP). This figure is certainly not realistic and accurate. Data breaches and other security incidents happen to just about everyone – banks, hospitals, public bodies, retail chains, small businesses.

Most of the breaches can be prevented, though, so one of the most important things to do is to raise awareness and to educate organization’s employees.

In this course, participants will learn to recognize a data breach, respond to it as appropriate, assess the severity of the breach, take measures to stop it, communicate with the supervisory authority and the data subjects, and maintain a data breach register.

Course topics

  • What is a data breach – types and consequences
  • Roles and responsibilities of the DPO in data breach management
  • Risk assessment, and notification to the supervisory authority and the data subjects
  • Data breach examples according to the risk levels for the data subjects
  • Communication with the supervisory authority – content of the letter, further cooperation in the procedure


Vlatka Vuković


3 hours

Delivery formats

Live, online, or in-house



80 €


72 €


Two or more participants from the same company.
64 €

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